Douglas A. Taylor

Founder & Co-Founder

Douglas A. Taylor, Jr. is the Founding Pastor of The Mustard Seed Initiative in Jacksonville, Florida. Douglas spent his childhood in Virginia Beach, Virginia and is the oldest son of two wonderful parents who understood the importance of a spiritual foundation along with discipline, love and strong mental and physical affirmation.

Douglas is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Real Estate and Urban Land Development degree. Prior to ministry, Douglas spent his career in Real Estate working for several large and small corporations as an entry level, mid-Manager and Executive leadership professional.

In October 2014, after being laid off, Douglas accepted his “calling” to transition The Mustard Seed Initiative from a daily Facebook encouragement page, created in October 2012, to a dynamic, influential, robust and spiritually responsible Christian organization.

As the Founder of MSI, Douglas is passionate about “meeting people at their pain” as well as developing meaningful and productive relationships with churches, communities, the private sector and Pastoral leadership.

In his free time, Douglas enjoys fishing, playing basketball and spending quality time with his wife and three stepchildren.